The First Post

I hear the first cut  post is the deepest – this won’t be that deep but it may sting a little.

I created this blog as a learning platform for both myself and my readers. They say “It’s easier to give advice, than to follow it” and I while I find that to be true in many cases, I would have to ultimately disagree. Sure, at first, you find yourself helping your closest friends through their trials and tribulations only to fall into the same mistakes that you’ve warned them about. But, I believe, eventually YOU GET IT. Eventually, you fall flat on your ass enough until one day it really starts to hurt and you stop making the same mistakes OR your friends fall hard enough when suddenly an epiphany happens and you realize you don’t want to end up with the same bruises.  Either way, a lesson is learned.

I hope that as you follow along, we grow to learn something from each other, that we’re able to get to the root of our happiness and sorrows only to become better people – to break them down in such a way, that we begin (and teach others) to live a more productive, socially aware, and healthy life.

Welcome to The Bella (Beautiful) Breakdown!


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