6 Reasons Black People Aren’t Getting Married

6 Reasons Black People Aren’t Getting Married –

Walt Ward accurately (in my opinion) describes the reasons why young African Americans aren’t getting married. In turn, he also gives us an insider to what you should and shouldn’t look for in a mate.

I had once begun dating someone who had been in between jobs and newly renting for the first time. I recall asking him if he was sure he was ready to date given his financial state with the acknowledgment that dating does indeed require money.  Ward explains “Men are usually happiest when (they) are satisfied with (their) career direction and financial state…dating a man with issues in those areas is usually problematic.”

In my case, these issues did prove to be problematic and eventually led to me calling the whole thing off. But, as my Grandmother would say “If you have to question it, it probably means you shouldn’t.”  I probably could have saved myself the trouble if I had made the decision in the beginning to recognize that he wasn’t ready to date me –or anyone for that matter. But, that’s all a part of the dating game, learning when to walk away –sooner than later.

I hope you enjoy the article and take away some great insight! 


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