Crazy In Love: Our Favorite 2013 Couples’ Music Videos

This year we saw the hottest couples teaming up for music videos .Check out our favorites after jump!

John Mayer – Who You Love ft Katy Perry – Just when we were caught up in the Beyonce hype, these two drop a stellar lovers anthem.

Beyonce – Drunk In Love ft Jay Z (Explicit) – I’m not sure how much henny was consumed on set, but after the first couple of minutes you’ll begin to wish you had a glass of your own. A nice beach, a cutie, and glass of dark is always a good time!

Kanye West – Bound 2  (Explicit) – Kanye never disappoints but just a disclaimer, you many need a cold shower after this one.

Jason Derulo – Marry Me – I said if I ever attended another wedding this year and heard Bruno Mars “Marry You”, I would walk out. Im only kidding but many thanks to Jason for this, 2014 needed a new engagment/wedding song.

Hope your 2014 is filled with tons of love!


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